New ideas needn’t be confusing. Economics isn’t boring.

Books and Journalism

What can’t data do? How can we be happy? Are stereotypes useful? What is innovation for? Who wins a trade war? You can find some of the answers are in my books and journalism.


Every Friday I present the VoxTalks podcast from the Centre for Economic Policy Research, covering early-stage economics research. And in its companion podcast VoxDev Talks I focus on the innovative development economics that helps the world’s poorest people.

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I’m a copy editor and a ghostwriter too.

Media and presentation training

I’ve worked with spokespeople in more than 50 companies to help them get their message across clearly, whether they are speaking to journalists or presenting at meetings and conferences.

The CORE Project

CORE creates free. open-access course materials to teach economics in universities and schools that are based on the most important problems in the real world. It is taught in more than 200 countries and at the University of Oxford, UCL, University of Warwick, and Columbia University among others. I am the editor.

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